Hillary as Romney? Fat chance

Politico is reporting that the grand plan of the grand ole party is to paint Hillary as the out of touch rich gal who cannot related to the common man. Basically, the attack on Romney that worked to a reasonable degree (with much help from Romney himself).

Politico reports:

“The most potent message against Clinton is that she doesn’t live an average life, she’s out of touch and doesn’t play by the same set of rules,” said the RNC’s research director, Raj Shah. “[T]hat resonates more deeply than some of the policy hits, the ethical hits.”


Bad play. Romney has vast wealth that was obtained, in part, through corporate takeovers, has overseas accounts, a car elevator, and basically looked like a character out of the Monopoly game. He stepped into it multiple times with the 49% comment, etc. In other words, the table was already set, Romney just had to fall into the trap, which he did.

While Hillary has considerable wealth and has made numerous missteps in characterizing it, Americans are never going to see the Clintons as the Romneys. It’s a losing play, that looks like sour grapes over the 2012 election by the GOP.  Clinton is politically savvy enough not to play into it.

The GOP should get over the 2012 election and play on Clinton’s true weakness, it is a Clinton again. There is heavy resistance to be overcome simply because Americans want new blood, not the same political dynasties. The problem is with Jeb Bush out there, the GOP neutralizes this argument, and creating a scenario where moderates pick a Clinton over a Bush, in a generic family name sense.

Run a Rubio against Clinton however, and she would be having flashbacks about another young upstart senator who torpedoed her chance as the presidency. There is reason to believe that line of attack could work again.

2 thoughts on “Hillary as Romney? Fat chance

  1. I say hammer HRC on her blatant disrespect, irresponsibility, disregard, deceitfulness and arrogance, do not let her scandalous run about go unchallenged not for a second, she really is all washed up, and she can’t hide behind the Clinton name for ever, in my opinion, she tarnished that name a long time ago. HRC has to be exposed to this nation for who and what she really is.

    • Yes, the Clinton name is both the source her greatest strength (Bill’s economic record) and greatest weakness (scandals, history, etc). Hammering the history of scandals, etc, is a far more effective weapon.

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